Ghost Ship


 Saba is a tiny Caribbean island that harbors a mystery. Resting atop the pristine coral atoll known, as Saba Bank is a rarity – a true “Ghost Ship,” an unidentified shipwreck, in 40 meters (130 feet) of water.  Mike and Warren Fletcher, the Dive Detectives travel to this mysterious and wild place with hopes of discovering its secrets.


In 2006, a Dutch Navy ship was conducting a routine mapping exercise when its sensors became tangled underwater. Resting below was a mystery a 96-meter (314-foot) freighter that had apparently never been reported, and it seemed none of the locals knew anything about its origins. In order to unlock the secrets of the ship, the Dive Detectives must brave the area’s wild seas and conduct a challenging penetration dive into the heart of the vessel.

Dive Detective - Lost A-Bombs

While investigating the wreck underwater, the team marvels at the biological richness of the Saba Bank, known as a kind of “nursery” for life in the Caribbean. They also learn first-hand of the damage being done to the Bank by oil tankers, which are known to drop their huge anchors in the Bank’s shallow waters as they wait to dock. The giant chains can leave a trail of destruction across the ocean floor. The Dive Detectives soon fix their sights on designing an “eco-friendly” anchor that might help stabilize a ship without damaging the sea floor.


After many challenging dives to search the ship for clues, the Detectives are at last rewarded with a dramatic clue that launches them on a journey of discovery across the Caribbean. From examining dusty ship registries, to carefully reviewing the clues embedded in their underwater footage, to meeting a salvage operator in Tortola with an incredible story to tell, the Dive Detectives are on the case, as they unravel the mystery of Saba’s “Ghost Ship.”