Submarine Graveyard

In the summer of 1944, at the height of World War Two, a treacherous stretch of water in the Philippines claimed the lives of more than 150 American sailors when the U.S.S. Flier and the U.S.S. Robalo sank. Neither sub has been found, and the exact cause of their sinking is unclear... Read More

River Buddha

The mysterious Mekong River in Laos is home to lethal rapids, jagged rocks and a century-old mystery involving a missing gunboat full of precious cargo. The Dive Detectives search for the French vessel La Grandière, which in 1910 spirited Laotian treasures from the royal city of Louangphrabang  - including golden Buddha statues. These artifacts are believed by some to carry a “deadly curse,” while transporting them the ship struck a rock and sunk... Read More

Rogue Wave/Edmund Fitzgerald

 On the night of November 10, 1975, the Great Lakes freighter Edmund Fitzgerald sailed into a fierce winter storm – and vanished.  There were no witnesses and no survivors. Using new advances in marine technology and storm science, the Dive Detectives challenge the official U.S. Coast Guard findings. Their investigation takes them across Lake Superior and to bone-chilling depths... Read More

Ghost Ship

Saba is a tiny Caribbean island that harbors a mystery. Resting atop the pristine coral atoll known, as Saba Bank is a “ghost ship.” Accidentally discovered in 2006, the ship is a maritime rarity: an unidentified, 96-meter (314-hundred-foot), steel-hulled freighter. In order to unlock the ship’s secrets, the Dive Detectives must brave the area’s wild seas and conduct a challenging penetration dive into the heart of the mysterious vessel... Read More

Lost A-Bombs

The tiny Pacific island of Tinian played a critical role during World War II when it was chosen as the top-secret assembly and launch point for the atomic bombs Fat Man and Little Boy. Deployed in August 1945, those bombs helped end the war, but what isn’t well known is that the United States was prepared to drop more atomic bombs if the Japanese hadn’t surrendered. Tinian was positioned to be a veritable bomb factory... Read More

Warships Down

In the depths Lake Ontario lie two of the best preserved wooden shipwrecks in the entire world. The Hamilton and the Scourge have been frozen in time for nearly two centuries. The gunships vanished in a violent summer storm August 8, 1813. They were part of the American fleet, battling the British navy for control of the Great Lakes during the War of 1812. The ships disappeared in just moments, taking most of their crews, more than 80 men, to the bottom... Read More